What Is a Register?


A person’s linguistic register is the way that he or she uses language differently in different situations. It includes the words used, tone of voice, and body language. People use different registers depending on the context, social occasion, and purpose of their communication. The first register is the casual or everyday register, and it is generally used in everyday conversations and business situations.

Lenders often use loan registers to identify their target borrowers. These registers list borrowers’ loan due dates and can be organized chronologically to make it easier for loan officers to create leads for their sales staff. Most loan servicers have an entire team dedicated to retaining business, and they use the register to understand the characteristics of their target borrowers.

Other uses of a register include a list of publicly traded companies. Publicly traded companies are required to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and must submit forms to the SEC periodically. Shareholders’ registers provide authoritative information such as the name and address of owners, number of shares held, occupation, and price paid.

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