Professional Head Lice Removal

Give us a call and speak to a consultant to see which lice treatment option is best for you!

Comb-Out: $99 per hour or $25 for every 15 minutes

Oil Treatment: Only $10

Full Lice Treatment: Includes thorough comb-out, oil treatment, terminator comb, take-home oil for follow-on treatment, and free recheck after two weeks. $195.00

Screening: $25, or $10 if another family member is receiving a treatment)

We stand behind our work! At Lice Clinics of Birmingham, we have over a 99% success rate treating super lice effectively the first time.

If retreatment is necessary (not likely), we will retreat free of charge within the first two weeks. *Excludes reinfestations

head lice removal system - low cost solution - Birmingham, AL