Lice Clinics of Birmingham


1 – What are Super Lice?

Super Lice are a real thing, and not some made-up villan in a Marvel movie. Just like regular head lice, these pests reside in human hair near the scalp where they feed on small amounts of blood.




2 – What makes Super Lice so “Super”?

Unfortunately, adaptation has made most head lice immune to the pyrethroids commonly used on over-the-counter lice treatments. Super Lice will often reoccur even if you follow all the instructions on the bottle or attempt multiple re-treatments.

3 – How do you get Lice?

Typically head-to-head contact allows lice to travel from person to person. Children playing together at school or daycare tend to transmit lice around, so it’s very important to isolate and treat your child immediately.

4 – How do you know it’s Head Lice?

Symptoms usually begin with itching and scratching all over the scalp. Most children have a local reaction to the lice saliva which triggers the itching. If left untreated, the itching can become so severe that it leads to excess scratching and infection. Seek treatment right away!

5 – Identifying Lice

You might not easily spot an adult louse or nymph depending on the stage of infection, but you can usually see nits. These are small white eggs usually found near the scalp. Use a fine comb under a good light to spot signs of infection. If you’re in doubt, call Lice Clinics of Birmingham to schedule an evaluation.